Unique items
Stock is sourced four times per year by ourselves to handpick items that we know are exceptional, trending, unique and not available in South Africa, which allows us to keep up with international fashion and design trends.

Our international furniture and products are sourced from reputable suppliers in the Middle- and Far East. The suppliers have to undergo our strict quality measurements, and have proven themselves to be reliable and offer quality products. Locally we buy from established wholesale suppliers.

Wide Range
We offer something to cater for every price class and taste. Clients spend hours in our shops to explore and enjoy the wide variety of items, and we are proud of the fact that we have established on-going relationships with most of our clients. Arabesque is known for its unique atmosphere.

Trend Setting
Due to our extensive travelling to design, fashion and interior furniture exhibitions, and our strong relationships with our international suppliers, it affords that our collections are always in line with the latest international trends, of the prevailing European and American seasons. This is passed on to the local suppliers and allows us to have trend-setting products in all our shops.

Extensive online social and commercial marketing is done in order to target the specific clientele our shops and products cater for.